From Mr. & Mrs. Qassar

To Whom It May Concern:                                     August 4, 2008

Connie was a great help to us every step of the way, even in the beginning when we weren't sure what we wanted.  She asked us questions about our family and our needs, consistently sent us listings that she thought might suit us, and gradually helped us realize what we were looking for in our new home.  That didn't happen without seeing a *lot* of houses though, and Connie was more than gracious in helping us (and our infant son!) see them all--a process which covered many months.

When we finally settled on the home we wanted, we had to conduct much of the closing process from out of town.  In this stressful situation, Connie was once again patiently there for us, helping us to untangle the paperwork and get our questions answered so that we could come home (to our *new* home, that is!)

Without Connie's tireless efforts and superior experience on our behalf, we might very well still only be talking about a new home.  Her help has been simply invaluable.  We recommend her to all our friends and family members.

She is an excellent realtor and now a family friend!


Jerry and Susie Qassar